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Production-cum-Training Centres

Production-cum-Training Centres may be considered as a methodology of providing an educational experience which links the world of work with teaching and learning process, so that students not only gain relevant skills and attrubutes but also the necessary hands-on experience to use skills in producing goods and services.

Objectives of Production-cum-Training Centres

  • To provide an opportunity to the students to apply their knowledge and information achieved from the classroom and laboratories.
  • To develop necessary skills, competencies and attitudes amongst students for meeting the challenges in the world of work.
  • To develop enterpreneurial skills through experience in determinig the requirements of the neighbourhood and producing for them through suitable economical and profitable activities.
  • To provide educational experience relevant to business and industry in the areas.
  • To develop an attitude amongst the students to find out self-employment after the completion of their studies and to enhance self support capabilities.
  • To make students more confident in their fields.
  • To generate resources for institute so that more upgraded education and training is made available without necessarily depending upon external funding.

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